Sunday, May 25, 2014

#Wikidata - Brazilians who died in 2014

How many people from Brazil died in 2014 according to Wikidata. The answer is obvious when you know that a human is a Brazilian. So when he dies, ie a date of death is available, it is just a matter of applying the right query and you get an answer.

Surely there are more than 41 notable Brazilians who died in 2014. It means that we need to know for more humans that they are Brazilian. The category Naturais do Brasil knows about some 26,520 Brazilians, 1,128 are not known to Wikidata and 14,393 are known to be human. Of these humans 7,481 are known to be Brazilians and consequently we can safely add a statement of a Brazilian nationality to 6,912 humans.

This process is under way and the number of deaths is on the rise. Not as much as you would expect because nationality is often added when someone is registered as dead.

What is left are 1,128 articles that need an item and 12,127 items that need to become both human and Brazilian.

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