Thursday, May 22, 2014

#Wikidata - Conflict of interest

Wikidata has many objectives and the one thing that makes Wikidata relevant is that from the start it is there to be used. The most important use cases for Wikidata are:
  • repository of interlanguage and interproject links
  • depository of data that may provide information in Wikimedia projects
There is an inherent conflict. In order to be a depository of data, all articles need an item in Wikidata. For a complete set of interlanguage and interproject links items on the same subject are not acceptable.

This issue becomes even more problematic when external use of Wikidata is to be considered as well. 

Wikidata is immature and it shows. When its problems are to be solved, more and better tools are needed. These tools will need room to evolve and most of all, the people who are involved in Wikidata need to talk with each other.

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