Sunday, May 11, 2014

#WMhack - #Wikipedia #Zero and #Reasonator

At a hackathon people consider things they did not consider before. Brion is now looking at some of Magnus's finest.. Reasonator, ToolScript.. What Magnus does brilliantly is create functionality that just works. The challenge for Brion is to make it usable in a WMF context.

Consider Reasonator for instance; it is one of the results when Wikidata search is enabled. It however has a different IP-address from a Wikipedia and consequently it is content that people may have to pay for when they use Wikipedia Zero. What we want is to "share in the sum of the available knowledge". For this reason it is wonderful that Brion has taken an interest.

Once he is done, it may be part of the service provided by Wikipedia Zero. Obviously, it may be subject to the contracts with all the telephone companies.. But the best case scenario is that WMF loves it, Brion improves Reasonator for use on a mobile and we are even more in business to share in the sum of all knowledge.

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