Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sad news from #UNESCO

UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector's news service often brings the news of journalists that were killed for doing their job. Today I received two such mails in my in-box; the killings of Magomedvagif Sultanmagomedov and Israel Zelaya Diaz were condemned by Irina Bokova.

When I receive such mails it strikes me how lucky I am that there are reasonable journalism practices in my country. At the same time I realise that the death of journalists results in a lack of understanding of what happens elsewhere. The journalists die because their stories may not be heard. Stories that often provide an unwelcome view on our world, stories that are inconvenient, stories that disturb the notions of a propaganda.

With the death of journalists the points of view they represented are endangered. The terror instilled in their colleagues prevents many of presenting  the news out.  In effect these killers, these terrorists endanger our potential to write encyclopedically in a neutral point of view.

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