Monday, April 26, 2010

The anonymous coversion rate

For #Wikipedia, editors are its most valuable resource. Theory has it that there is a conversion rate whereby anonymous editors become registered and a more visible part of the community. This is the theory and, when it works like it does for the Russian Wikipedia and the English Wikipedia it works beautifully.

When you compare these Russian statistics with those for the Malayalam or the Hindi Wikipedia the absence of anonymous edits is striking. The question is why are there so few anonymous edits.

With so few anonymous edits, there will be no conversion to registered editor. This means that other strategies are needed to grow the community. Having people available to spread the word about "the encyclopaedia that everyone can edit" is one. Making it as usable as humanly possible is another; the usability project is doing what it can. A third is what the Indonesian chapter hopes to achieve by training Wikipedians and make it sustainable by making it a "train the trainer" project as well.

These new statistics from Erik Zachte help to appreciate such diversity. They truly enrich what is already an important resource.
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