Thursday, April 08, 2010

Recurring bad news about #journalism and #activism

Patient Chebeya Bankome
I am subscribed to the UNESCO Communication and Information Sector's news service. All to often a new item starts with: "Director-General condemns the murder of journalist". This time it is Patient Chebeya Bankome in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The killing of one or more journalists happen with a regularity that makes it seem like normal. In a same way the news of censored or doctored news is becoming more and more normal. 

When you look at the traffic statistics for the Farsi Wikipedia, you will notice a downward trend. I received news that Hivos is considered a subversive organisation intend on overthrowing the Iranian establishment. I know it as on organisation working together with civil society organisations not only in Iran but in large parts of the world.

Our new board member, Bishakha Datta is very much active in a similar way as Hivos. It means that their important work can be controversial and is not without danger. Danger lurks everywhere including the USA where todays news is about a prosecutor who tries to repress sexual education with FUD.

Bad news like this threatens our freedom. For this reason we should consider the sacrifices made to support our freedom of speech, the freedom to lead a moral life that does not necessarily conform to the believes or convictions of others.

A neutral point of view is only possible when journalists are able to report the news. Justice is only possible when its officers act within the law, a law that respects the universal human rights.

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