Monday, April 19, 2010

The Getty does not get it; it is the digital age !!

I received an invitation from the Museum Computer Network (MCN), Gallery Systems, and the J. Paul Getty Trust for a *free* webinar on a new vocabulary
under development, the Cultural Objects Name Authority™ (CONA).

The idea is that people who know GLAM terminology will contribute to a new vocabulary, to use the vocabulary they have to pay for the privilege and will then get a five year license. In my terminology this is called "adding insult to injury".

I am sure that there are enough reputable organisations is the GLAM world who can organise such a cooperation and consequently build a vocabulary that is equally useful and equally reputable. The technology for building such a vocabulary can be found in OmegaWiki, I am interested to learn if the Getty is able to provide a user interface in as many languages..
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