Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Library of Congress is underreported

Magnus' new tool reporting the amount of traffic for images of a GLAM requires that an image is identified as originating from a particular source. Typically it is a template that does the trick; for the Library of Congress, it looks like this: {{LOC-image|id=ppmsca.13553}}.

When such a template is not used, like today's featured picture of Commons, it will not show as originating from its source. 

These traffic numbers are important to a GLAM; for the Tropenmuseum these numbers provide a justification for working with the Wikimedia Foundation. Providing the best information possible is therefore import to us.

I would even argue that such numbers are relevant for the GLAM's we do not have a working relation with. It will help us make the argument that collaboration is mutually beneficial. Referring back to a source is our best practice for facts, we now have to make it a best practice for images as well.
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