Monday, April 19, 2010

#StatusNet is nice, it is getting awesome

When you consider your own microblogging service, you want to know what StatusNet already provides and, what it is working on. When you want to experience the functionality first hand, is the place to be.

So what is on offer;
  • your server does not suffer from the Twitter fail whale
  • the software is available under the GNU Affero General Public License
  • consequently interoperability will not be revoked because of corporate interests
  • #sntrans is the group with status updates for the localisation
  • StatusNet has excellent localisation in 14 languages. Decent # in another 15 languages
  • the core software is localised at and, you are welcome to make a difference for your langugage ...
  • Bi-directional text support is being tested !!
  • preparations are made to localise extensions as well
All this makes it a real nice package.. Open source software with professional support available. Localisation in many languages and extensions to add the functionality that is not provided in the core functionality.
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