Monday, April 12, 2010

I like the new #MediaWiki vector skin

#Commons is the first WMF project that has the vector skin as its default. As always there are people who do not like it. The best argument for it is "it is easier on my mum".

This time I will not cajole you into localising the usability software, this time I want to talk about user boxes. To indicate that you like the new vector skin, a user box has been created. It is called unnecessary but hey, if you like vector, you may want to express your appreciation.

I prefer to express my linguistic abilities in a user box and, I prefer the Babel extension for this. It is maintained at and it is one of the best localised MediaWiki extensions. A little known fact is, that it allows for the inclusion for local user boxes.

The Babel extension has been requested for several Wikipedias. It has been an open request for a long time... It is not as complicated as FlaggedRevisions or LiquidThreads... What does it take for the other projects to get their wished for extensions considered / installed ??
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