Friday, April 16, 2010

What does it take to invalidate a strategy

The #Wikipedia strategy presented by the WMF director is significantly at odds with my perception of the Wiki world. I have argued in the past against an overly reliance on numbers.

It is easy to show fault at some of the statistics. Those faults can be remedied, but in my opinion allowing for those faults, the arguments that allow for the persistence of those faults are what invalidates the statistics and the conclusions based on them.

screenshot at 18:48 Amsterdam time

It has already been announced that there are a billion edits. This is at odds with the counter that I blogged about in the past and, this counter is generally known. I discussed the higher number with Avatar and he had to admit that even his numbers were wrong.

Numbers and by inference statistics support a point of view. When you use statistical analysis properly you infer from the numbers the reality of a situation and this allows for the formulation of a strategy. All too often the result has been predetermined and consequently the approach to the numbers will not only confirm held convictions, they prevent optimal results.

I wonder if the WMF is willing to consider the bias in its numbers and the impact on its strategy.
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