Monday, April 19, 2010

Travelling to #Holland

The #Tropenmuseum is preparing an exhibition of pictures by Leonard Freed (1929-2006) and will be called "One way trip Holland". Freed made pictures in the period 1958-1962 of a diverse group of people who immigrated from Indonesia. Among them were Dutch Indonesians who belonged to a large group of people who made a trip by boat after the independence of Indonesia.

Freed took pictures when they got of the boat, when they arrived in temporary camps, when they met their family, on the street, working and at school. He also took pictures of Moluku families who had already been living in the Netherlands for seven years.

Who is this man, who is this kid.. Are they related?

These pictures are exhibited for the first time. Many pictures show unknown people. The Tropenmuseum wants to know if you can identify these people.
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