Friday, April 09, 2010

New articles and editors for the Indonesian #Wikipedia

Sima Qian
I got buzzed by a happy Serinity about the quality of some of the new articles written for the Indonesian Wikipedia. The article about Sima Qian written by one of the people trained as a Wikipedian was that good.

You know your search for quality wikipedian writer paid off when you read something like Wikipedia. It looks better than the English version, all reference were directed to Chinese language reference or Indonesian published book.

Oh My God, I can't even wrote that...

The training is part of the "Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2010" challenge and, hearing such positive news this early.. wonderful. I have been looking forward to meeting Serenity at the chapter meeting in Berlin. Sadly she can not come due to issues with timing and a visa.

We were to brainstorm, plan, organise a follow up project for historic Indonesian material. The kind of material that we received from the Tropenmuseum. The kind of material that is looking for its place in all our Wikipedias but particularly in the Indonesian Wikipedia.

Our challenge, to make it happen; to do the brainstorming, the planning and organise and give all the new Indonesian Wikipedians a challenge with material about their history, material that is freely available in Commons.

I know she can make things happen... Can we ?

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