Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Offer to the #mw2010 participants

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in March 2010
Our featured pictures of #Commons and the English Wikipedia are seen by many people. For a picture to feature it has to be of great quality, many if not most of these pictures have been restored in order to excel.

We are happy to restore one image for each participant of the museum and the web 2010. Our aim is for you to experience what we can do for you and your material.
  • we need a truly high resolution uncompressed scan preferably over 10MB (preferably TIFF)
  • we want you to provide us with annotations on the image
  • we want you to explain why you chose this image
  • we want to use this image in our projects and consequently it needs to be freely licensed or in the public domain
  • we may contact you about issues with your choice
  • if you are interested, contact Durova for details
We will do our best with what you provide to us however, it should be obvious that only the best material may feature. This depends on the vagaries of our community processes.. :)

As our community of image restorers is limited, we will work on in in our own time. When you provide a nice story, I will consider putting your story on my blog (not more then one a day..)
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