Thursday, April 01, 2010

Traffic statistics for March are super

Traffic for #Wikipedia rose by 9%. In absolute terms this grow in traffic is largely due to an increase of 15% for the English language Wikipedia from 5,769 M to 6,661 M... These numbers represent an absolute record in traffic.

When you look at the distribution in page views, the best comparison can be made with January 2009 when the top 10 languages represented 92.31% of the total traffic (currently 92.29%). The number shows that the projects that are not in the top 30 are slowly growing in size. 

As has been argued before, it would be a good thing when the top 10 languages occupy 85% or less of the Wikipedia traffic. This months numbers are however really welcome because the growth of the "other" languages should not stop the healthy grow of our 10 top languages.
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