Saturday, February 26, 2011

Narayam is a framework introducing #Sanskrit

At we want more people localising. When a solution like the Narayam extension comes along, we embrace it because it makes life easy on the communities that is supported by Narayam.

Software has to be tested and, as translatewiki is living on the edge, there is no better place to test the latest languages that are supported by Narayam. two days ago the software was enabled and now a new language is supported.

The localisation of Sanskrit is not that great and its keyboard mapping needs to be tested. So what comes more natural then to test new functionality in an environment where even doodles can be serious business.

In two days a lot has happened, the most visible difference is that the option to choose a keyboard method is only available when you localise in a language or when the language selected in your preferences support an input method. When you combine this with the other improvements provided by Roan, it comes ever closer to being introduced on a Wikimedia project.

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