Saturday, February 26, 2011

The #Sygma collection needs a refuge

When you google for the Corbis Sygma collection, you find amazing things, for instance this YouTube video shot in better times. It has Bill Gates say that this archive was about to fall apart and has been rescued.

Sadly, the news is that the rescue by Corbis proved to be temporary. Even worse, the news is that the liquidators are about to truly liquidate the collection. When you immerse yourself into what the Sygma collection represents, you will find that it is not only of immense importance to the cultural heritage of France, but also of global importance.

Director David Lynch, Cannes, May 2001

The Sygma collection is known for its portrait photography, it has news photography covering wars, important events, it has it all. It is not often that I agree with Bill Gates but this is a collection worth saving.


Bawolff said...

Thats very sad.

Anonymous said...

The same has happened with the first italian photographic collection, Grazia Neri, which is in liquidation since 2009.

David Shankbone said...

Such a beautiful photograph.