Thursday, February 24, 2011

The time for Babel is coming

At we ask people to localise the Babel extension. It is used on almost all the user pages of our community. There are localisations in 202 languages and it is complete in 117.

As Roan mentioned that the Babel extension is on his list to review, this is the perfect time to call upon the Wikimedia community to check if there language is properly supported.

The appreciation for Babel will be greatest by the smallest and the latest communities. They will not have to build the endless templates that would otherwise be needed.

As this is the time to make an concerted effort to get all our languages included, Siebrand will provide us with daily statistics that show our progress. Many of the languages that have a Wikipedia are not supported yet. Languages that do not have a Wikipedia yet are. This functionality will help in the Incubator as well.

There are not that many messages and, you can find them here.

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Unknown said...

Good to know you are still pushing this extension Gerard! It cant come soon enough.