Tuesday, February 01, 2011

#pywikipedia localisation update

The #MediaWiki bot platform of choice, pywikipedia is being localised now for half a month and, the results are encouraging. When we started only four languages were completely localised. Now there are twenty.

Pywikipedia is software is software that runs locally on a computer. As the localisation find their way into the software, people will need to update their software for it to make a difference.

It is really helpful when bots provide an adequate reason for an edit. You can help your community by localising the pywikipedia messages at translatewiki.net. When you run a bot, you can improve your service by updating your software to make use of the latest and greatest localisations.

1 comment:

Arman Daneshjoo said...

It has been "translated". has it been "localized"?