Saturday, February 19, 2011

What more should we talk about

In Berlin, in parallel to the #MediaWiki hackathon, members of the language committee of the Wikimedia Foundation will meet for a first time in real life.

As I read the roster of the people who may attend, I am amazed at their qualifications. All people are involved in their Wikipedias in the Incubator, they are linguists, standard people, a script expert, Wikimedians.

The first line of our business will be to evaluate what we do. We will get to know each other better and we will talk endlessly about language, Wikipedia and what not.

You can help us be more focused by suggesting topics to our agenda. Anything goes and when we understand the issue raised, we will attempt to formulate an opinion. When such an opinion is actionable, we will raise it with the people that can make a difference.

The topics may be all over the map and they do not need to be confined to the language policy or the Wikimedia Foundation. When there are issues in MediaWiki, we may pop over to the people at the Hackathon and ask their opinion.


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