Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The next #Mifos Marie is called Elsie

The Mifos developers are hard at work preparing their next release. As is customary, they dedicate a release to one of the women who are helped with a micro credit. For this release, the honour goes to Elsie Saldivar from the Philippines.

At we have received new messages that are ready to be translated. They come in new modules and so far three modules have been added and there are more modules to follow.

When you read the product road map, you learn that this release is about business intelligence and analytics. To achieve such intelligence and provide the analytics in many languages there will be many more messages that will come our way.

The best way to deal with this is to regularly check things out and help out by localising messages for your language. At we prefer a steady trickle to a flood of new messages as this ensures that there is often something to do.

The people who use Mifos or consider using Mifos, can help themselves by working on the localisation in their language. Our volunteers can help their fellow country men and women by doing the same.

Those who have the least are helped by providing them with a micro credit. Helping the organisations who provide micro credits is what this is about. Helping them is like manufacturing nets so that these organisations can provide people with nets to fish.

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