Wednesday, February 02, 2011

#IMSLP would fit in with the WMF projects

It has been a long time since a new project was welcomed as a Wikimedia project. Proposals for new projects do exist and one of the proposals that I liked was to have a project about sheet music.

The IMSLP project is about music, sheet music and recordings. They can boast some 84K scores and 1,681 recordings. That is really impressive.

They use MediaWiki for their platform, and they have a main page available in many languages. In Commons we have many more pictures of composers and with "InstantCommons" enabled they can use these without much effort.

As the IMSLP grows, I am sure that their need for funding grows. As this project is lively, fulfils a need that is easily recognised and easily fits in with the WMF projects, it would be a great project to cooperate with and perhaps even merge with.

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