Tuesday, February 08, 2011

#MediaWiki 1.17

Finally, after a long period of gestation, the Wikimedia Foundation is moving its projects to the next release of MediaWiki. As this process is on its way as I write it, the system may be a bit sluggish, maybe a bit broken for now.

If you care to be a help do not start shouting that the end for Wikipedia is nigh. It is not. Lurk on IRC if you want to know what is going on and watch the work in progress that will get us all many of the improvements we are waiting for.

When you find things that are a problem, wait until you notice that the real issues have died down. That is the moment to check if your problem has gone away and, if it is urgent is the moment to see if your problem can be addressed now or if it is better to write a bug in bugzilla.

PS I learned at FOSDEM what hours some people have been making to get to this far.. Thank you guys !!

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