Monday, February 07, 2011

#Wikipedia loves #Bangalore and #monuments

In Bangalore twenty eight Wikipedians went out on a photo walk. They visited the historical Basavanagudi area and a lot of pictures will be uploaded to Commons. According to the Wikipedia article there are many prominent landmarks and areas and as the photo shows, there must be many photos of Bangalore monuments.

The Wiki loves Monuments was a great success in the Netherlands; many monuments were photographed and a lot of meta data became available from the organisation that looks after monuments as well. Obviously India is huge and there must be many many more monuments then you will find in the Netherlands.

Think for a moment that a project like Wiki loves Monuments gets an Indian edition with a Dutch result. It would be awesome and, there would be so much more for the world can learn in Wikipedia about India and its cultures.


Sandeep Shande said...

thanks Gerard for the write-up !

Спас Колев said...

You have a typo in the title. And the font doesn't help to see it. :D

GerardM said...

Thanks for spotting it :) It is now corrected, the typo :)