Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Promoting portraits on #Commons

Photography is more then clicking on the shutter. Getting an excellent result takes skill that can be honed by practice and good materials. Portrait photography is probably one of the more difficult areas of photography. Not only has the picture to be technically competent, a good picture expresses the persons character.

To make a picture with distinction, a portrait photo is often staged; special clothes and a location that has meaning are selected to get just that little bit extra. When you write an encyclopaedia, all subjects are full of people. People who invented, ruled, committed crimes, wrote music or painted portraits...

Juan Gérvas

The people who feature in Wikipedia articles are from all over the world and from all times. For many of these people we have one or multiple pictures. Having great portrait pictures in stock is very important.

Commons is the place for our pictures and I want more and better portraits. To achieve this, I plan on featuring once a week a portrait picture of the week on my blog. When this picture is not yet a featured picture, I will nominate it.

As this is my initiative, I will for now start it on a sub-page of my user page. Please propose candidates there or propose them directly as a featured picture candidate.

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Wizardist said...

Oh, "committed crimes"...

I like it. :) It's like I'm going to the Police Office and say "Hey, I wanna take a pic of that Bill Gates' robber, don't you mind if I take one for a Wikipedia article?"