Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A committed developer from India, more will surely follow

On this auspicious day when #Wikipedia is upgrading to release 1.17, Junaid PV was made a MediaWiki developer. Junaid is working on input methods so that people can enter text in MediaWiki in their own language on their own keyboard.

The problems for the Indian languages are not singular and the hope is that many Indian developers will follow. There are so many challenges that they may solve. They feel the itch and, they can scratch it.

To name just a few challenges:
  • the presentation of different Unicode iterations is not properly supported on most devices
  • search engines do not provide the results of different Unicode iterations as being the same
  • PDF support is broken so how to export Malayalam, Arabic or Bengali articles
  • we are waiting for functional internationalisation of the official off-line reader
  • other off line readers do not use openZIM
  • ...

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Unknown said...

This is lovely! Congratulations to Junaid PV, and Gerard, thanks for blogging about this :-)