Thursday, February 17, 2011

The #MediaWiki 1.17 shake down has started

All #Wikipedias and all other #Wikimedia projects have been upgraded to the new 1.17 release. We are now at the stage where the release does not kill the Wikimedia clusters any more.

Now that we are in the 1.17 shake down phase, it is time to find more bugs, improve performance, get the last localisations in and help people to fix the many JavaScript issues.

Roan reported on a change in one line that  cut the load on four Apache servers. This is just one example of the work that goes into making release 1.17 stable and ready for general release. This is the moment for a final push to get as many localisations in as possible because most MediaWiki installations out there do not run the LocalisationUpdate extension and manage with the localisations they get with the release.

Last but not least, when you notice anything that used to work and does not work any more, this is the time when the MediaWiki developers give extra attention to help you get it right. This is the time when MediaWiki 1.17 gets its shake down.

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