Friday, April 02, 2010

April 2

The first of April has come and gone. The good news is that you can believe again what is written on the Internet.. (Citation needed)..

I am happy that there will be no split of the Luxembourgish Wikipedia. I am happy that we may appreciate the differences of the male and female form without splitting up a Wikipedia

The exhibition "Leve the President" opens today and it does have people who are very much appreciated honoured with a portrait-cloth. The text on the Obama cloth says: "Hongera Obama" or Congratulations Obama! There is only one omission in the text .. the title should include "American".

The story about the American diner, the story about the Wikipedia traffic statistics ? They are true.

PS A day has this tendency to start in Australia and ends in America .. so when your software indicates a day, it is not necessarily the day of the poster.
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