Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A case for a #Wikisource in #Sanskrit

Sanskrit as a language is comparable to Latin and less so Old Greek. It is of immense cultural importance to the culture of India. There are a few people who speak Sanskrit as their mother tongue but this is less relevant compared to its importance as a language for source material.

There is a request for a Sanskrit Wikisource and some well respected Wikipedians urge the language committee to allow for its creation and wave the requirement for a full localisation in Sanskrit.

I am happy to support this request because we would allow for a dead language without localisation. Sanskrit is important for the whole of the Indian community; I believe that this will stimulate all the projects in languages of the Indian subcontinent. I am happy for the language committee to make an exception to the rule without changing the rules.

I hate complicated rules. The language committee contains capable and competent people, they are well able to consider situations where it makes sense to ignore the rules.
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