Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Why global sysop for the #Wikmedia projects of #India.

The request for global sysop for Junaidpv was denied. The key thing that is not appreciated is that there are some 100 Wikis in the languages of the Indian subcontinent.

A Herculean job is needed to ensure that the best support is provided for all these projects. Many of these projects are moribund and asking for support from local sysops is a non-starter. I doubt that stewards are waiting to do this job.

I learned about this sorry saga from a well respected Indian Wikimedian. He considered becoming a member of the language committee. This was to help him gain more standing, more respect in the meta world so that in future such requests are less of an issue. That is such a waste of his time!! There is plenty that he can do best that will promote our projects in India more effectively.

So I promised him that to raise this issue.
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