Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Mozilla foundation is largely responsible for making the Internet what it is. Thanks to their effort Open Standards and honest implementations are now the rule. Firefox captured the hearts of many people and broke the monopoly and the lack of invention that characterised Internet technology.

Now that this key achievement is becoming evident in more and better quality browsers, Mozilla is looking forwards because it must remain competitive in the browser arena and should broaden its scope into mobile and apps and maintain its sustainability.

This graphic presentation shows the importance of the 500 localisers for the Mozilla projects. They are positioned right in between the Mozilla employees and the volunteers who donate code. Their effort to internationalise and localise has been key to stimulate the use of the Internet worldwide.

Localisation for MediaWiki and several other projects is done at Over 2,700 people receive the TWN-newsletter. Their contributions make a difference to some of the most relevant projects. With a localised browser and with projects in people's own language, the Internet gains relevance for an increasing number of people.
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