Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's get ready for the #Wikimedia fundraiser II

For supporting the Wikimedia Foundation is a no-brainer. MediaWiki the software that runs Wikipedia and its sister projects, is what our software is based on. It is the reason why we are supporting so many languages.

For the Wikimedia fundraiser there are two extensions that need localisation; they are the "Donate Interface" and the "Payflow Pro Gateway". In a previous post I mentioned the statistics with information about the fifty biggest languages, this time I want to tell you about the statistics for all languages with localisations.

This still fits on my screen :)

To help us stay up to date with these crucial localisations, Siebrand has these two statistics pages update four times a day. At this moment there are seventeen complete localisations; this is up from twelve...

PBeaudette april 2010 wikimedia 03 10 238

Philippe Beaudette is the man responsible for this years fundraiser. He is the man who decides on the wording of the messages in the extensions. Philippe explained to me that even though the messages are likely to be stable, he will change the messages when he learns that this increases the effectiveness of the message. "If adding a phrase raises the page value by 10%, that's worth 1.6M to us."

Now for the good news: Ryan Kaldari the developer in charge told me that the messages are expected to be stable and, there are some additional messages that are held in reserve to minimise localisation breakage !!

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