Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's get ready for the #Wikimedia fundraiser

The 2010 fundraiser is about to happen and, this is a great moment to check our readiness. At there are two extensions that need to be localised; they are the "Donate Interface" and the "Payflow Pro Gateway".

At this moment there are some localisations in 98 languages. Some of the biggest languages like Hindi are still missing. At this moment only nine languages are done completely among them Malayalam.

Siebrand put a really nice twist in these statistics by weighing the results by continent.

The results are disappointing. It can however be explained because this software is still being developed. These two extensions are quite different from the normal MediaWiki software. These two have to be ready at the start of the fundraiser. When they are not, it costs us money.

My two appeals are:
  • PLEASE make sure that the messages get frozen
  • PLEASE support the fundraiser by localising its messages

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