Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's get ready for the #Wikimedia fundraiser VI

With Jimmy appealing on all WMF wikis, this is the moment to test the quality of the localised messages. My personal goal is that in addition to the amount the WMF is looking for, the percentage of funding originating in the United States will go down.

With more funding originating elsewhere, the chapters will get more funding and this will ensure more activities in the countries they represent. Getting the fundraiser right is in my opinion crucial for any chapter and learning this year's lessons quickly will not only optimise this years fundraiser, it will help prepare next year's fundraiser.

India is a new chapter, it is different because of the many languages that will make a difference. At this moment there are no Indian languages that are ready. The texts in Hindi on Meta have had a complete re-write and the messages all need to be localised.

For Malayalam the system messages have been completed and apparently the Meta texts are being worked on. I am really eager to learn what the strategy is for displaying what language in India; a selection of a single language will be resented by those who favour another language.

For me the breakdown of the fund raising results in India is one of the more interested things to learn.
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