Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's get ready for the #Wikimedia fundraiser VIII

Our coders rock - fundraising banner

Officially the Wikimedia Fundraiser will start on Monday. Consequently we are still in "preparation mode". When getting ready means that the real effort still has to come, we surely are doing exceptionally well. Yesterday saw the record amount of donations totalling $ 517,903.57.

The order of the day is to get really and truly everything ready. Our coders are working overtime to get all those pesky details over and done with. When you follow the conversations on IRC, you will learn that there is still plenty to do.

It is interesting to learn how much money is coming in from what project; what is the effect of a Telugu or Tamil localisation. How much of a difference it makes when the Italian, French, Greek or Korean are finally completely localised. Getting such numbers takes developer access so if you are interested in such a question and are able to get such details out, you are certainly part of those rocking coders.
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