Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Help #Wikimedia Foundation to raise money near you

Every year the Wikimedia Foundation has its annual fundraiser. Every year the target is more ambitious, every year a lot of hard work goes into making it a success and I am sure that like every year people will complain because "they" got it wrong.

They have read the book on fund raising last year and many of the lessons learned will be found in this years iteration.

We are getting closer to the moment of truth, the moment where you will say what is "wrong" this year. So we appeal to you to give us a better showing by localising and translating.

The localising is done at and here we want you to localise the payflowpro gateway and the donate interface. Much of it was localised last year and as there have been changes to the software, there may be some work left to do. You can even help translate this years moving words by Jimmy Wales in your language..

This Arabic screen can do with some work..

Help the WMF by giving them a net so that they can go fishing for money. This will enable them to spread the information they support in its projects in the coming year.
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