Monday, November 15, 2010

Official #Wikimedia announcements

Dear #Wikimedia officials, there are many messages that you need to tell us, that we want to get out of you. Typically it is very hard to get the message out of you; you wait until the last moment and what we get is the "official announcement" type of boring stuff.

Not only the director, Sue, had a great career in journalism. I cannot imagine that you all forgot how much difference a great illustration makes to an essentially boring message. Please, we need to be motivated, what we do should be fun and it is for you to make it so.

Is it that illustrations are considered "unprofessional"? Is it like children with a library card that we should be proud that our books have no pictures? With so many Wikimedia people with a journalistic background, this dullness never seizes to amaze.


Anonymous said...

Though illustrations are nice, it should be said that random illustrations, that aren't totally relevant to the post, like commonly found on your posts, make a message look cheap.

Illustrations should only be used if they maximize the message; otherwise, they should be left out. Not *every* post requires an illustration.

I should note this post's illustration was a good choice to maximize the effect of the content, so don't feel as if I never find the illustrations here to be on point.

Erik Moeller said...

Hi Gerard,

I hope you enjoy our recently illustrated FAQ: