Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#Wikia this is how you can have even better international support

Now that Wikia has a great new look and feel, it is time for it to become even better, it is time for it to become awesome. Guess what Wikia, as you say in your video, it becomes awesome because of your friends.

Your friends are at and, we do a good job for you not only by localising MediaWiki but also by localising your software. Our community like yours is growing nicely and with it come people who speak languages new to you. As they know that your software is localised at, you can imagine their distress when they can not have their own Wikia Wiki.

Aso Mehmûdî speaks Sorani (ckb) and, he wants to start a Wikia wiki. The first step is for you to make it possible for him to select his language and then it would be awesome when you make full use of what we have to offer for you at

There is this awesome extension called LocalisationUpdate that allows you to get the latest localisations for your software. It may take a little bit of fiddling to make it work for your software as well. Doing this would be wonderful because it may make the localisation of your software available to those who use your extensions as well.

So be our awesome friend and make Aso and his friends happy members of the Wikia community.
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