Monday, November 08, 2010

#Censorship and #Wikimedia #Commons

Pictures that I share from Commons can not be seen in #Iran I learned. That is a bummer. It means that I have to save and upload from Commons.. :(

As I wanted to illustrate the bad news with a picture from Commons, I selected this picture because it does fit my needs. It is quite ironical that this picture itself is in danger of being deleted from Commons.

When you look at a picture and decide that it is not "educational" does that mean that it cannot be used in an educational context ? How do you illustrate censorship ?

This picture and two others may have been "uploaded as a WP:POINTy protest against the blocking of Mbz1."  However, this makes no difference to the usefulness of such a picture.. It is a picture that stands out among the rest.


Arman Daneshjoo said...
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Arman Daneshjoo said...

I saw the images by picking the address and useing the secure server. and wow... a fast post. you are skillful in blogging.

Please don't upload and save pictures from commons.

First it's a lot of work. second, all image and video servers are censored in iran including blogger's. third, iranians can break through censo rship whenever necessary.

The filtering and many other limitations in iran are due to

Thanks for the time.