Monday, November 01, 2010

#Brazil is not #strategic (yet)

According to the #Wikimedia Foundation, improving its presence and popularity in Brazil is a strategic goal. It shares this status with India and this is exactly what it has in common with India.
  • India is actively organising its chapter
  • multiple Wikipedias exist for multiple Indian languages
  • the Indian communities organise many events like workshops..
  • there is much positive news in the Indian press about Wikimedia
Independencia RMoreaux

What I do know about Wikimedia in Brazil is that they do not have a chapter even though there has been much activity. As there is not much positive to say, there is not much to blog about.

What the Wikimedia Foundation can do is support what is there. Having a visible and organised presence in the form of a chapter is a start. A start that is not happening.
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