Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Battle of the sexes, the #Wikidata story

Regularly studies are published indicating how many #Wikipedia articles exist about women compared to the number of articles about men. These studies serve their purpose.

A lot of data is collected to make this possible, the articles about a man or a woman. Obviously every one of those articles is about a person.

The most obvious thing to do next is use the collected date and update Wikidata items where needed. Less obvious is to compare the data again based on what Wikidata has to add.

One of the most statements I have made are "person" and "male"/"female". Many of the items had links to multiple Wikipedias. With more data coming into Wikidata, it is highly likely that the combined data will give better precision.

An added benefit is that it will make such a comparison possible for the "other" Wikipedias, the ones that are not studied individually in this way.

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