Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Missing labels in #Wikidata; a call for #data driven #user #participation

As more Wikidata items gain statements, people may benefit from the new information provided. That is, when there is a label for the properties and related items. When there is no label you will see a property or item identifier.

It is extremely annoying and, it is why I use Wikidata in English and not in Dutch.

When every reference to a missing label is registered for a period of 30 days, it becomes easy to suggest to our community what needs to be done to improve the usefulness of the data provided. As more of the high impact labels are translated, users will get more pertinent information.

The beauty of this suggestion is that it involves only the Wikidata development team. This makes it easy to implement. All these new labels will enlarge the number of items to search from.

An experiment like this, is like putting a toe in the water; data is accumulated to point to where our community involvement does the most good. Once there is some clarity that data driven user participation makes an impact, there are many more opportunities to explore..

Let us start with this easy opportunity.

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