Thursday, October 24, 2013

Manna Dey, a #singer from #India

Today Manna Dey died. He was really famous in India and #Bangladesh. When you want to know about Mr Dey, you will not find anything about him on Wikipedia when there is no article about him.

Realistically, you would not expect an article about him in the Occitan Wikipedia. Sadly, the Occitan Wikipedia cannot share the sum of all knowledge. To demonstrate that it could provide information after all, the following template was added:
{{Infobox Musica (artista)}}
It resulted in an infobox with several missing labels in Occitan. They were added and the result is relevant information about Mr Dey on the Occitan Wikipedia. As you can see, they are red links for the Occitan Wikipedia.

What if the result of a "not found" was nicely formatted data from Wikidata?

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