Saturday, October 26, 2013

Raja Lumu, the first sultan of #Selangor

His father and son both have articles in one #Wikipedia. In all other Wikipedias they are red links. His son was his successor and second sultan of Selangor.

When a new article gets written on Ibrahim Shah of Selangor, it is a best practice to link this article to other articles. Given the existing links in articles to other articles, there is already a concept cloud for Raja Ibrahim Shah. This "concept cloud" will include his father, his successor and child among others. 

With a bit of luck, these concepts have labels in Wikidata and when they have not, it makes sense to add them and get familiarised with them. All these concepts are likely to be used in the new article. 

When the concepts known to exist for an item are available while editing an article, it makes sense to use them while editing the article.
  • editors become aware of relevant concepts
  • editors are prompted to link to existing articles
  • editors are prompted to add missing labels

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