Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#SignWriting is free to use - please use it and publish with it! ;-)

This message so deserves to be heard far and wide. So I make use of the license and republish :)

SignWriting List
October 23, 2013

Dear SignWriting List -
Did you know that you all have my FULL permission to use and publish with SignWriting and Sutton Movement Writing? Some of you know that, but in our crazy world not everyone can believe it ;-)

Sometimes I receive emails from people who want so badly to use SignWriting, but are fearful that I will be mad at them if they use it…they want legal proof that they have permission to use the system. I feel sad when I receive those emails because I want so much for people to use the system freely, and there are no restrictions whatsoever… of course I always give my full permission.

I encourage you all to use the materials on our sites freely and to write freely in all of your languages… and then in return I am delighted to post your new work using the system…it is a great sharing of information …. 

Have you heard about the free contracts or licenses now available on the web to help people feel secure and not concerned? They are "free licenses" with logos that can be placed on a web site that shows that the information on that web site is free to use… apparently these free licenses are an easy way to communicate "permissions" ...

Therefore, I am showing you here the three free licenses I have chosen for our web sites and for our system…they are all free licenses….meaning that nothing has changed….You were free to use it before, and you are free to use it now …. But the licenses simply state this officially. You can find these licenses as the bottom of, for your information:

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