Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ron Woodroof, an #American activist

This weekend I will speak at the #Wikimedia #diversity conference in Berlin. The conference aims to increase the pool of knowledge in the Wikimedia projects and to enable a heterogeneous, colourful, diverse community.

There will be a focus on the imbalance in the gender participation in our projects. There is also an imbalance in how subjects are covered

Ron Woodroof was an activist who is getting more attention these days because the movie "Dallas Buyers Club" is centred around him. He is notable enough for the Swedish to have an article written in 2012 about him. In the English version he was nothing but a redirect to the movie.

Love him or hate him. Mr Woodroof is notable. He is part of an anti-culture in the USA, he died of AIDS. It will be interesting to notice how many similar stories will be told at the conference.

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