Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The same #data provides mores #statistics and insights

#Wikidata is useful because it brings things together. As it brings more things together its value will only increase when its data is leveraged.

With these statistics you get a feeling how things are developing and what can be done next.

Today the new statistics have been enhanced with information about the number of links per item. Many items are not linked to articles at all. The large number of them is what makes it remarkable.

The best statistics are the ones that are actionable. What these statistics show is how much the different Wikipedias do not cover. It makes it obvious that you do not share in the sum of all knowledge when your language is not aware of known information.

The statistics suggest that when Wikidata provides enough information from statements, they could be made available when there is no article and even serve as the target for a red link. Presentation will be key; what is provided by the Reasonator could be a start for persons.

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