Monday, October 14, 2013

The distribution of page views for #Wikipedia

More people are reading Wikipedia than ever before. The year on year growth for all Wikipedias is 35% and the prognosis for October is that this will at least continue.

At the bottom of the page view statistics you will find the distribution of the page views grouped by the size of the Wikipedia.

What is really interesting is that this last year the Wikipedias that are not in the top ten by size are growing faster than the 10 biggest Wikipedias. This change is around 2%.

So far the most attention has been going to the English Wikipedia. It has grown 28% YoY. When you compare this to the growth of all Wikipedias combined (35% YoY), it is obvious that the numbers suggest to put more effort in the other projects for best effect.

The most obvious and cheapest effort the WMF could take is by making sure the developers take their responsibility for the internationalisation of the software they write. The backlog of support requests is here.

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