Saturday, September 14, 2013

About #political parties in #Wikidata

Adding data to Wikidata does not have much of a priority. Yes, there are some people who run bots but when you can only run bots and rely on the quality of the programming it is not nice.

Within the environment it is the that has the most potential. At this moment I am running a script that adds one political party to people who have the template "Infobox Officeholder" on their Wikipedia article. These are people like Nancy Pelosi or Moritz Leuenberger I am adding the first political party mentioned for them.

I am really happy that I am running a hacked version of the software; two bugs that are show stoppers for the autonomous running of the software have been fixed in my version of the software. I can only hope that some real work will be done. A list of all the problematic content would be nice.

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