Saturday, September 21, 2013

Arthur Woodward, a #politician from #Scotland

Mr Woodward was the minister for #Scotland from 1947 to 1950. The party he called his own was the Labour party. The funny thing is that this fact is not easy to find on the English Wikipedia by a bot.

That fact was easily found on the Polish Wikipedia. They did have an info-box for Mr Woodward. It was easy to retrieve this bit of information from there.

Mr Woodward is one of a succession of ministers for Scotland. At this time it is not possible to retrieve all the facts of the many political offices people held and hold. There are several reasons for this;

  • the link of the office is to a "list of ... "
  • it is not possible (yet) to have the harvested information inserted as qualifiers to statements
  • often there are red links to predecessors or successors
As always, there is a need for more information because the information will be used in places where you do not expect it. So people from Scotland, why not ensure that there is great information from the people important to your history?

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